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Mark Kenny/flickr
Mark Kenny/flickr

I haven’t been very active for the past fews months.  Lots of things have been happening that has interfered with something called daily life.

Occasionally, I’ve check my Twitter account and The Pre-K Spot on Facebook and looked at Pinterest to see who has been knocking on my doors.  But I’ve been living in a hole and really struggling with getting out of it to see what has been happening beyond my four walls.

I am aware of tweets that have had to do with Google Summits and EdTechTeam, Inc. and RVIS-bh, but I have to say I haven’t seen many of interest for a Pre-K teacher.  Even among my Cohort here I teach the youngest students while many others are holding IT positions at their schools and go on up to teaching high school.

So I’ve lurked around to see what others have been doing and how they have met their need for developing their Personal Learning Network.  My friend Amber alluded to how Pinterest can play a role in one’s personal PLN.  Hmmm! That’s interesting.  I use Pinterest often to gather ideas and  information but I’ve never put information up.  I’ll check that out!

The blog talks about how “Pinterest is one of the top social media channels for visual content.”  She really encourages you to “optimize your boards and pins for search”.  If you use those same keywords on your boards, it will thrust you up into people’s view more often and increase your visibility therefore, expand your viewership.

In the Social Media Examiner’s, article entitled 5 Ways to Get Your Pins Noticed on Pinterest,

She talks about branding.  

  1. “Add a descriptive keyword that you want to be associated with to the end of your business name.”  Hmmm, this sounds like when we add lots of tags to our blogs hoping that one or more will catch someone’s interest and lead them to read our blogs.  That makes sense.
  2. Pin Consistently!  “Pinning consistently can help people discover your pins and increase the number of followers you have on Pinterest.”
  3. Pin at Optimal and Different times of the day.  “Pinning at different times throughout the day and night will help your pins be seen by new local and global audiences.”
  4. Repin your old pins!  Spreading out your pins will help you gain followers each time they appear in their feed.  This can also encourage them to see what else you have on your boards and expand your visibility.
  5. Participate on Pinterest Group Boards

Wow!  I remember learning about day traders who bought and sold stock from their home and earned a decent living for themselves and their family.  It certainly sounds like this is the direction of developing your Personal Learning Network.

I think it is my loss that I haven’t kept up with this new social media.

Back to my reference to a group called The PreK Spot found on facebook.  I don’t think this page is competitive as it is an opportunity for mutual sharing of ideas, advice and simple sharing.

The PreK Spot/lgrunwald
                The PreK Spot/lgrunwald

Meanwhile, I have set out an “ad” to people on Twitter, The PreK Spot, my own facebook page as well as my co-workers in our Early Childhood department.  Friends, who aren’t teachers but have worked with me in the past, have offered to view our video.  But I’m not sure how they will play our games!  Some on my team have offered to watch and play our games!  I’ll let you know what they think when they get back to me.

Playing our game/Lgrunwald
Playing our game/lgrunwald

Contact me if you’d like the pdf we have put together!  My kiddos were so excited when they realized they were watching what we made together and had a blast playing our games and feeling empowered because THEY knew the answers and wanted to shout it out!

Animals Around Us/lgrunwald
Animals Around Us/lgrunwald


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